Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Golf Cart Guy

Hi I'm Abi, I am eleven years old and I love to draw. When I grow up I want to be an artist. One of the people that has inspired a lot of my drawings is a guy called Jeff Smith He is a comic artist and my favorite one of his comics is called Bone. I love his work because the landscape is so realistic. The other thing I like about his work is how the lines are so sketchy this is the part that I have put in my own drawings. However the latest drawings that I have done don't have very much sketchiness to them they are more comical then my normal drawings. normally when I draw I make the drawings sketchy and kind of manga-like accept without the eyes. Personally I think the eyes are a little CREEPY! The comic that I have been working on most however is a comic called "Golf Cart Guy." The whole thing is about this fat guy who is pretty unlucky like ALL THE TIME! So far I have made two comics with him. One of the comics is called, Golf Cart Guy in Star Wars this comic has four colored pages but is mostly in black and white I sort of wish that there was some interesting reason for this but really the only reason is... lazyness. Here is a picture of that comic's cover. This Golf Cart Guy comic is, as you might have understood by the name of the comic, is all about Golf Cart Guy appearing magically in the world of one of the best movies in the world, Star Wars! I know that people might have different opinions about Star Wars but my own personal opinion is (and isn't my opinion the only one that matters here) that IT IS AMAZING! So in the comic Golf Cart Guy comes home and finds that his house has turned into a sand dune house like Anakin's when he is living with his mother. Then he come in and finds that his wife has been turned into JAR JAR BINKS! Then his wife she's like oh look who dropped by to see us MY MOTHER! then it zoooms out and you see that Golf Cart Guy's mother in-law has turned into YODA. and it goes on like that. Now I am going to move on to A completely DIFFERENT subject although it still involves Golf Cart Guy( just thought I'd worn you). So I first came up with Golf Cart Guy when my cousin, Maya, my uncle/her dad, Terry, and I were all sitting inside this main building of a golf club. We had just come back inside from mini golfing. We were drinking Gatorade and watching these professional golfers golf in these strait lines they were all either trying to golf REALLY far or the were trying to work on their aim or both or they were just messing around. Then we saw the guy that drives the golf cart that picks up all the balls come out it his golf cart and start to drive around picking up the balls. As the guy drove around I noticed that all these people were trying to hit his golf cart with their golf balls. Maya and I found this HILARIOUS. So then Maya, Terry, and I started to come up with story lines for Golf Cart Guy comics. At first Golf Cart Guy was going to be overly skinny and REALLY old. But then we decided that a quintessential couch potato would suffice much better!
Oh by the way here is a picture of just Golf cart guy.
Happy New Year!