Thursday, January 1, 2009

Comic theory

In this world I believe that there are two kinds of people, DC comic people and Marvel comic people. I am a DC kind of person. The only Marvel comic I like is Spider-Man other than that DC only. I don't really know why I only like DC but sometimes it's good just to say whatever this is how it is and that's that. My absolute all time favorite super hero in the DC world is Superman. Man of Steel, Man of Tomorrow, Caped Wonder so many names for a super hero. I really like the old comics made by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel. However lately the newer Superman comics have been growing on me more. The thing I like about the newer ones is how well written they are. One of my favorites is called Superman Returns the Prequel
=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1230841521& it has three sections to it the first is from Superman's foster mother's perspective, the second is from Lex Luther's perspective, and the last part is from Lois' perspective, all of the three parts show what the different people's lives are like after Superman's disappearance. The first part that is from Superman's foster Mother's point of view is so well written that it makes me a little emotional when I read it. I also like to read those paper back comics that you get in the mail when you get a subscription. I have the latest series of Superman coming to my house right now off of they are really good! Another comic I like to read is a manga called Hunter X Hunter.
hunter+x+hunter&sprefix=Hunter+X+ The book is about a boy named Gon. Gon's father left him when he was an infant. Ever since Gon has wanted to be a hunter like his father. So at the beginning of the book Gon sets out to get his hunter's license. The seres is all about Gon's trip of finding his long lost father.

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